Zero Unveils All-New DSR/X Electric ADV Bike; $24,495 MSRP

As part of its dealer meeting earlier this week in Park City, Utah, Zero Motorcycles released its DSR/X adventure bike. An impressive turnout of over 70 Zero dealers were on hand to demo the bike on road and chat with folks from Lightspeed and Rollick at the event. The DSR/X is available in Sage Green or Pearl White and is currently arriving at hundreds of Zero Motorcycles dealerships worldwide. It sells for $24,495.

Zero Motorcycles has unveiled the latest models in its MY23 range, featuring the all-new DSR/X.

Here’s the scoop from Santa Cruz, including a cool partnership with BDR on charging stations:

Zero Motorcycles has unveiled the latest models in its 2023 model year lineup, featuring the all-new DSR/X. The DSR/X uses the company’s industry-leading Z-Force power units, quiet ZF motors and the Cypher III+ operating system to deliver the world’s purest sport adventure driving experience.

“Our owners and advocates have been asking for a full-size ADV bike from Zero for years,” said Abe Azkenazi, Zero Motorcycles CTO. “We’ve invested more than 100,000 engineering hours into designing a motorcycle that meets both our customers’ expectations and Zero’s mission to redefine the riding experience.”

One of the results of this effort is an all-new Z-Force 75-10X motor that produces a staggering 166 foot-pounds of torque and a 17.3 kWh Z-Force power unit, each setting new standards of peak performance for Zero. The DSR/X has a unique frame design and component architecture to allow for increased ground clearance, nearly 8 inches of hand-adjustable front suspension and three integrated storage compartments, making it a truly vehicle-specific design. ADV that is both rugged and capable.

“The core of our product philosophy is to focus on enhancing the riding experience. A big part of the adventure riding experience, perhaps more than any other category in the industry motorcycle, is about the promise of adventure and escape,” said Zero CEO Sam Paschel. “Whether riding on pavement or dirt, the quiet, smooth ride offered by the DSR/X allows the best possible connection between the cyclist and his environment on any terrain.”

Zero has worked hand-in-hand with the team at Bosch to develop a next-generation, intuitive off-road riding experience. Controlled by the world’s most advanced operating system, Cypher III+, the DSR/X is the first electric motorcycle to integrate Bosch’s full suite of motorcycle stability controls with off-road capabilities. Optimized specifically for the responsiveness of the Zero electric powertrain, this technology provides stability and traction on all surfaces. The Bosch Offroad system includes coupled braking for better brake modulation and the Bosch Vehicle Hold Control system which provides confidence and stability even on the steepest slopes.

Zero continues to push the boundaries of electric powersports by adding the world’s first true electric ADV model to its product line. (Picture: B.

The DSR/X builds on 16 years and 165 million miles of experience at the heart of Zero’s Cypher III+ operating system and includes our newest addition, Park Mode, Reverse and Explore at slow speed useful for maneuvering in narrow or steep spaces. The motorcycle is also equipped with the fastest level 1 and 2 charging capabilities on the market thanks to the 6.6 kW on-board fast charging system. The DSR/X works in concert with the Zero Motorcycles mobile app and our Cellular Connectivity Module (CCM) to allow owners to control an almost unlimited amount of ride characteristics, from speed to torque, as well as the performance of the motorcycle. battery and regeneration functions. When away from the bike, the app can notify users of charging status, help them find their bike, or alert them to rollover events from anywhere in the world.

The bike itself offers a collection of new parts and accessories to equip riders for any adventure. Riders can find custom DSR/X accessories such as panniers, skid plates, windshields, covers, top and side cases, and more. The DSR/X can also swap some of its onboard storage capacity for a Power Tank to increase battery capacity to almost 21kWh or an additional fast charging module that will double charging speed and reduce charging time minimum to about an hour. .


For Zero, being a leader in the electric motorcycle category means more than just imagining and designing revolutionary products. To elevate every possible aspect of the driving experience, the company also encourages industry partnerships. Resource and infrastructure-based collaborations allow Zero to serve the category and the community by optimizing route development and autonomy.

To increase awareness and access to essential charging infrastructure for adventure riding, Zero is partnering with Backcountry Discovery Routes (BDR), North America’s leader in adventure mapping, map creation, and adventure driving. off-road routes and adventure motorcycle defense. This partnership highlights the growing infrastructure of public electric vehicle charging stations along proven ADV routes and lays the foundation for future infrastructure planning by identifying open service points along new routes currently under development. . The most immediate benefits of this partnership will include a library of doable, achievable and available routes to follow on electric motorcycles from coast to coast.

The new MY23 SR/S, SR/F and SR have been announced alongside the 2023 DSR/X. These new top level SR/S and SR/F options will come fully equipped with battery capacity upgrades will equip with a 17.3 kWh power pack, charging speed upgrades up to 6.6 kW and Park Mode.

The SR/S comes in Asphalt Gray with Cyan accents and sells for $23,995 and the SR/F comes in Black with Gold accents and sells for $23,795.

The MY23 SR remains the most adaptable motorcycle in the world and produces 122 foot-pounds of torque, 74 HP, can reach 104 mph and can charge its 14.4+ kWh power pack in approximately 4-5 hours with the charger. of 3kW.

The MY23 SR comes in Thermal Black and retails for $19,995.