Where I live: Lindsey Place

The Where I Live series aims to showcase our diverse city and region by highlighting its many vibrant neighborhoods. Each week, a local resident invites us in and shares what makes their neighborhood special. Have we ever been to your neighborhood? Contact us to share your story.

My dad came to San Antonio in 1984 as a teenager. He attended Memorial High School on the West Side and held various jobs until he ended up in California. When he could, he traveled to his hometown, historic San Luis Potosí, Mexico, to see his childhood sweetheart and family.

But he still felt San Antonio was his home, and the only life he could imagine was back in Texas with the love of his life. They married and settled in a small neighborhood called Lindsey Place on the northwest side of San Antonio.

Back then, there were no parks or bike paths nearby, but neighborhood kids had fun playing basketball, riding bikes, and skating in the streets. When we felt brave, we walked through the woods behind the neighborhood. Later, Cathedral Rock Park and Leon Creek Greenway were built, and that changed everything.

I remember grabbing my bike and my camera and riding the paved trails until I reached the Ingram VIA transit center. The City of San Antonio built these bike trials for the community, and it has improved the lives of many people I know.

Starting from the paved Leon Creek Greenway trail you will find dirt trails with Dante’s divine comedy– inspired names like Carnage, Deception, Limbo and Treachery. On the Limbo trail, you’ll find a spray-painted concrete structure known to some locals as “The Paint Shop”, an unofficial public piece of art, and to others as “Devil’s Den “, considered by many to be a haunted place. . There are many rumors and theories about the abandoned structure and its use in the past. Whether or not these theories are true, it’s an interesting place to visit and a great place to cycle.

Nancy Reyna brings her camera on a walk along a Leon Creek Greenway trail.

When I wasn’t exploring the bike trails, I always looked forward to participating in community events hosted by the local homeowners association. My neighborhood is fortunate to have community partners in the area, such as Peter Piper Pizza, HEB on Grissom, and Great Northwest Recycling, all of whom have provided funds, food, beverages, and entertainment for our community events.

As a child, I always had fun at these community gatherings, but never thought about the planning and work involved in organizing these events until I found myself volunteering and organizing them. with my parents. Later, I would be inspired to join other volunteer organizations, such as the Northwest Vista Campus Activities Team, UTSA VOICES, San Antonio Food Bank, and I have also volunteered with the office of the advisor Melissa Cabello Havrda before joining her team.

Nancy Reyna orders pizza from Halftime Pizza on Tuesday, February 22, 2022.
Nancy Reyna orders pizza from Halftime Pizza. Credit: Bria Woods/San Antonio Report

I was happy to revisit and support the businesses and communities in the area I grew up in. Imagine Books and Records (now closed) was where my siblings and I watched live performances by local bands, and where we were lucky enough to see my cousin play guitar in front of a live audience. Crystal’s Café on Zarzamora is a bit of a drive, but it’s a family business that was part of our Sunday tradition growing up. The owner grew up with my dad and worked with him when they were kids in San Luis, and it’s amazing to see generations of family working together to deliver great food and great service.

I still see old school friends with their families when I attend mass at the Prince of Peace Catholic Church or the nearby HEB. I meet new people in the area at local restaurants such as Halftime Pizza, The Corner Craft Beer, and Mad Pecker Brewing Co. I love living and working in the area where I grew up, and it has been an incredibly rewarding experience to serve the community I care about.