We found these modified motocross bikes on Instagram and they look great

Off-road motorcycles show their special characteristics on the sandy grounds of motocross, the only occasion where dirt bike fans get the most out of their favorite two-wheelers. Major corporations have since joined the sport, contributing annual sponsorships to festivals and championships that support this culture. No one can resist the adrenaline rush that comes with watching one of these brilliant racers fly with a tourniquet bike. The sport is, without a doubt, extremely demanding physically and mentally.

Nonetheless, motocross brings thrills and exhilaration to bike enthusiasts and provides a platform for talented riders to show off their skills. It’s one of the pillars that hoists the unique dirt bike culture. Another crucial aspect of this culture is putting your own spin on the bike. Some people go out of their way to make sure their dirt bike stands out from the crowd. Here are some modified motocross bikes we found on Instagram!

13 Feminine style

In the male-dominated field of sport, women are finally making headway and motocross is an exemplary arena in which to express their creative notions. This custom Husqvarna 701 carries the feminine energy in a bold white and pink color combination with shiny vinyls. The front and rear wheel rotors are painted in different colors.

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12 WP-hanger

Off-road suspension can be tricky, especially for motocross dirt bike racing where it needs to be active, very responsive, and set up perfectly. This motocross bike uses WP suspension, a company that specializes in suspension parts for street and off-road bikes. The suspensions are light and made of high-tech springs.

11 KTM EXC 450

KTM EXC 450 is a four-stroke two-wheeler that is popular among the collection of motocross bikes. Featuring a four-stroke engine, the EXC 450 has more power despite being heavier than two-stroke engines. Weighing just 237 pounds, this motocross bike uses 449cc which propels it to a top speed of 123 mph.

ten WR155

Yamaha is one of the brands that has successfully dominated the motocross circuit. This custom WR155 painted black with blue graphics sits on a short 1430mm wheelbase and weighs just 134kg. The black and blue combination complete with black wheels sets this WR155 apart from its build.

9 black chrome

Husaberg bikes came in a line of dirt bikes like Supermoto, but they have equal recognition in the motocross lot. This custom Husaberg brings a cool vibe to the otherwise feisty two-wheeler. The body has a neat black chrome finish within large, sturdy wheels powered by a four-stroke engine.

8 Exhaust

A powerful exhaust is one of the crucial components for a racing motorcycle on the motocross circuit. Due to the thin frame and the light bodywork, the exhaust pipes look large and visible and serve as a styling element in the unique off-road bikes. This Yamaha WR 155 has a raised exhaust under the tail.

seven Thick rims

This custom motocross bike is all black from handlebars to seat and tail and keeps it minimal with almost very few subtle graphics. What catches the eye are its thick-rimmed wheels painted a bright green in a lighter shade. The thick rims provide better traction and better grip, while making the bike more imposing.

6 Honda CRF color scheme

The custom work gives this Honda CRF a polished new look, miles away from dusty motocross terrain. With a black painted top and engine, the front forks are swathed in metallic gold while the rims stand out in a lush red hue. The perfect choice of color scheme gives this one a classic finish.

5 MX Charts

This custom Suzuki motocross bike is draped in street vinyl from MX graphics. The graphics complement a motocross bike and the manufacturer is clearly recognizable by thick fonts like this one that has Suzuki’s signature letter pasted on the frame. The bike is equipped with an HGS exhaust system and Pirelli tires.

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4 846 Motorsports Custom Bike

This custom motocross bike is modified by 846 Motorsports who replaced and installed many new parts. The heavy duty wheels mounted on the bars are SM Pro custom wheels while the suspension is from SGB Racing which customizes the suspension for motocross bikes. TB Parts replaces some bike components.

3 wheels

Another of the 846 modifications, this motocross pit bike fits heavily shredded tires that encase custom wheels supplied by SM Pro. The automotive brand mainly customizes wheel and tire parts for motocross bikes. Their set of platinum alloy wheels being lightweight, allows for improved and flexible handling of the bike

2 Sherco 300 SEF

The Sherco race factory rollout is a custom motocross bike that makes it hard to get our attention. The sleek ride uses lightweight DDC Racing sprockets and rugged AXP all-terrain wheels so dirt can easily roll over obstacles and land on the ground with perfect traction.

1 Graphic kit Suzuki RMZ 450

Custom off-road graphics transform this motocross bike in a superb ride on two wheels. Bright yellow accents with white block font brush the panels up front and on the chassis. The leather saddle is kept black with red stripes while the rims are painted the same yellow as the panels.

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