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Editor’s Note: Valley Credit Union and The Billings Gazette feature 32 seniors throughout the 2021-2022 school year. We want to help students who are not usually eligible for scholarships and financial aid given to those who are on a 4-year program. At the end of the year, Valley will award a $5,000 scholarship to a deserving student.

To be considered for the grant, students must show a clear career path for their future after high school in the form of industry certification, technical associate degree, City College , trade school or apprenticeship. Students are nominated by a teacher, counselor or principal of their secondary school.

Cameron Lorenz


What are your plans after high school?

I attend Sheridan College in the fall for a certificate in machine tool technology. After college I will return to work full time at TKI CNC where I was employed throughout high school. Thanks to my training, I can have an impact within our manufacturing company.

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What is your favorite class in school and why?

Most certainly the practical courses I took at the Career Center, in particular welding and machining. I appreciate the hands-on learning opportunities in these courses as 90% of our class time is spent in the store giving students a visual for a finished product. There may be trial and error, but this is how I learn best to excel toward perfection as I progress through the learning process. I am able to continue to improve my skills by doing, as well as learning on my own to do new things.

Who inspired you and why?

My grandfather, Ed Lorenz, is my inspiration. He instills many qualities in me, especially he shows me that hard work and dedication can lead to many rewards. He is a very determined man, who has worked hard to match our family name and business with our strong work ethic. It is this strong work ethic that leads me to pursue my career path outside the family business. Grandpa supports me in this endeavor and inspires me to work hard to succeed in the machining and fabrication industry.

What things do you like outside of school?

I like to cycle as often as possible. I started horseback riding at the age of 2 and have since followed in my father’s footsteps to compete in professional climbing competitions. Not only do I love to ride and compete, but the environment allows me to spend weekends with my family, hang out with friends and meet cool people. When I ride I can clear my mind and just focus on the climb, which I find to be a great stress reliever!

What would make you feel good about your career/work after school?

I worked at TKI CNC all through high school. Working in this environment helped me determine that I love machining and fabrication. As a high school student, I had the opportunity to participate in a work placement. This internship gave me the chance to continue learning CNC machining and programming in the work environment while developing a clutch housing for my dirt bike as part of a school/work collaborative project. . After getting my certificate in machine tool technology, I plan to return to TKI, using what I learned to create new products for our company. If I can develop products that motorsport enthusiasts will want, then I know I’ve had an impact within our business and for our customers.

If you win the $5,000 scholarship, how will you use the money to help you achieve your goals?

The grant will be used to help me succeed in life after high school. Not only will this grant help me pay for my tuition at Sheridan College, it will also help me pay for the tools and instruments needed to perfect the pieces I create. These instruments can last a lifetime and sustain me throughout my career as a maker.

If you were stranded on a desert island and could only bring three things, what three things would you bring and why?

My work ethic, a gun and my dirt bike. My work ethic would drive me to do what I need to survive each day. Whether I need to use my gun to hunt for food or my dirt bike for quick transportation around the island, it’s my work ethic that will keep me in the right frame of mind.

Do you have a personal motto or inspirational saying that motivates you and would like to share?

“It’s not about money or relationships. It’s about everyone’s willingness to work and learn.” – Marc Cuban

Caisse Populaire of the Valley

Caisse Populaire of the Valley