Unique motocross bikes stolen in ram raid at AFC Motorcycles

Two bikes worth $12,100 were stolen in a ram raid on October 21.


Two bikes worth $12,100 were stolen in a ram raid on October 21.

Two motorbikes worth $12,100 were stolen from a store in Palmerston North overnight, but the owner says they couldn’t have chosen worse.

“These motorcycles you can’t even get in the country right now,” AFC Motorcycles owner Brendan Tootell said of the break-in early Friday morning.

“They’re not little trail bikes, they’re full motocross bikes…even though they paint them a different color, they have a really distinctive shape,” Brendan Tootell said, “someone will see them.”

Tootell owns AFC, a motorbike shop on Napier Road, and was alerted to a ram raid by neighbors shortly after the break-in.

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“They backed up a ute, threw the bikes out the back… they were in and out in 26 seconds,” he said.

The distinctiveness of the bikes made Tootell hope someone saw something and the bikes would be found.

A social media post seeking advice had been shared 339 times in four hours.

“That’s the power of social media. When we first moved into this place two years ago over Christmas we were raided but found the bike shortly afterwards in Longburn through social media. Sometimes he can act faster than the police.

“We are hopeful that the scumbags will be caught. It’s a real disappointment. We had sold one of them, and the buyer just had to get it back… we couldn’t bring in another one.

A police spokesman said officers were called at 2:20 a.m. and three small motorbikes were stolen.

Police were trying to find the two attackers, he said.