Troy Task Force Proposal to Combat Illegal Dumping

TROY, NY (NEWS10) – A majority of Troy City Council is moving a resolution that would create a quality of life task force. The task force would find ways to address illegal dumping, burning, code enforcement issues, ATVs/dirt bikes, and other issues.

If passed, the proposal would be presented at the regular council meeting on April 7. City Council President Carmella Mantello said the issues at hand are snowballing into larger issues that are affecting neighborhoods and destroying the community.

Read the full resolution:

WHEREAS there are so many residents who work so hard to keep their properties clean; and

WHEREAS, all it takes is a neglected residence or business, a street or an alley to degrade a neighbourhood; and

WHEREAS some neighborhoods have experienced an increase in illegal dumping of trash and garbage, disrespect for the neighborhood, illegal racing of ATVs and dirt bikes in yards and parks, and other unacceptable activities; and

WHEREAS City Council strongly believes that one way to combat these violations is a coordinated approach by various municipal organizations; and

WHEREAS City Council implores the Mayor and administration to immediately implement a Quality of Life Task Force initiative that would hold negligent homeowners and residents more accountable; and

WHEREAS this task force would be a formalized detailed unit consisting of a Community Policing or Patrol Officer, Code Enforcement Officer, Trash Patrol Officer, Public Works, the legal department and any other necessary municipal personnel; and

WHEREAS this task force would tackle the quality of life issues of our neighborhood one or two blocks at a time all over the city; and

WHEREAS, the working group would further promote law enforcement and education; and

WHEREAS the goal is to encourage homeowners, residents and businesses to take pride in their neighborhood and partner with the city to revitalize our neighborhoods.

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that by this resolution, City Council implores the Mayor and administration to immediately establish a Quality of Life Task Force.