The freestyle motocross rider pushes his limits to the extreme

Freestyle motocross is an art that requires not only skill but mental capacity as well. Today, Alan Dixon is performing stunts all over the Utah Valley and joins us live to talk about his upcoming events!

Alan Dixon is a 30 year old freestyle motocross racer who comes from Alan Dixon FMX and originally bought his first bike when he was 12 years old. Dixon says freestyle motocross is different from motocross in that freestyle motocross is not racing but rather jumping to do a stunt before getting back on the bike before landing.

Freestyle motocross is a dangerous sport, and riders know that even with proper safety gear, injury is almost always inevitable. Even with the danger of freestyle motocross, riders love the adrenaline and participate in tricks such as leg lifts, hands off the bike and more.

Dixon pioneered his unique trick where he jumps off the handlebars and kicks his legs, he calls it the resurrection dance inspired by the dead body trick.

Dixon, while 30, is usually the youngest to participate in the dangerous but entertaining sport, as it takes a lot of time and dedication. Dixon tries to train at least once a week and hits the public Jordan River motocross track where people watch the riders try new tricks and stunts.

To watch freestyle motocross attend their summer shows on July 2 and another in Odgen for the Ogden Rodeo on the weekend of July 24, so be sure to stop by!

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