Risk Racing “MIX & Match” Motocross Gear

Risk Racing has announced its new limited release: MIX & MATCH Motocross Gear.

Risk Racing is known for bringing racers arguably the most comfortable and durable gear on the market. With this latest gear release, Risk Racing offers a unique approach to keeping your style dialed. The company calls it the MIX & MATCH collection. These versatile MIX & MATCH designs allow the rider to have multiple interchangeable looks on the trail at a fraction of the cost of purchasing multiple complete gear sets.

Choose your favorite jersey(s) and pair them with the Ventilate V2 pants. With their clean lines and bold graphics, all are designed to work well together. In a set of motocross gear, the pants are the most technical piece and the biggest investment for the rider. The Risk Racing Ventilate V2 Pant with Convertible Intake and Exhaust Ventilation is built to be durable and withstand the rigors of motocross. Save money by buying just one pair of pants, then mix and match with multiple jerseys to keep your look fresh on the track from week to week.

Of course, a cyclist also needs a good set of gloves. Risk Racing manufactures two pairs of gloves in the MIX & MATCH collection. Both models go well with any combination of MIX & MATCH jerseys and pants.

For more images, information and videos, visit the Risk Racing “Mix & Match” Collection page.

MIX & MATCH riding gear is available now. Shirts sell for $39.99, pants for $124.99 and gloves for $29.99. Ask your local dealer or find them on www.riskracing.com. For more information, call (704) 508-1031 or visit www.riskracing.com.