Reopening of motocross tracks: High Point Ride Day

Although this was the first event I’ve been to since spending a week in Daytona during Bike Week (and it all came to a halt immediately upon our return home), I knew the team at High Point had done its homework to open up. The race leadership team (consisting of representatives from the AMA, MX Sports and MX Sports Pro Racing) worked long days to figure out how our industry can get the ball rolling again. The race management team released the Race Safety Toolkit last week that outlines careful procedures for motocross tracks looking to reopen. There was also a long and comprehensive list of procedures and details on the High Point Raceway website which was available days in advance for people to read and understand. I actually had to sleep over the decision to attend the day hike, but knowing there were guidelines in place, I felt safe with how the situation was being handled. And I’m glad I went!

On Saturday my brother, dad and I loaded up the truck and headed to High Point Raceway. Masks, hand sanitizer, Clorox wipes, snacks, pens and old hoodies filled the seat next to me as we talked about the legends of motocross who all lined up behind the doors and walked perched around the historic facility. We were looking forward to the opportunity to do the same, but at a much, much slower pace.

Arriving at the track, Carrie Coombs-Russell (CEO of MX Sports Pro Racing, Racer X’s sister company) greeted us with two documents – an accountability form (which was a page each individual had to sign, instead of the usual clipboard with multiple signatures from multiple people) and a Safe-To-Race guide that outlined basic information about available riding zones for each bike size and rider age and health considerations. After finding a parking space ten feet on either side of us, we filled out our paperwork in the truck and took it to the check-in station. Although markers were put up to separate people in a long line, there was no line when we walked up to us. We simply handed over our signed paper to my colleagues and gave them the exact change. It was quick and minimal contact interaction.