ProTaper brings the first-ever aluminum/carbon fiber MotoCross handlebars to the powersports industry

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Lighter and stronger – so you can go harder, faster, longer

If there’s one thing good MX riders in our community need, it’s tough stuff that can take a beating on the hills and valleys of our country – and ProTaper just did us a favor with the launch of the industry’s first ever carbon fiber/aluminum handlebar.

Built for motocross, by motocross enthusiasts, MPN tells us that the aluminum handlebar is wrapped in non-woven unidirectional carbon fiber for “maximum longitudinal strength,” which is said to be twice as strong as when carbon is woven.

Other benefits?

Source: MPN

In addition to creating “the lightest 1.125″ handlebar in the industry,” The ProTaper unit – dubbed the ACF Handlebar – boasts a 20% weight reduction over the competition, “unparalleled impact absorption” and ProTaper’s unique “Control+” design, which gives riders extra space on the handlebars to mount the controls without compromising on ergonomics and balance.

“The handlebar is the most critical component in the rider’s control of the bike,” enthuses Randy Valade, Brand Director for ProTaper.

“This design innovation provides better control, greater comfort, increased ability to climb crucial controls and reduces weight by up to 20%. Riders have been looking for this advantage for years and now ProTaper will deliver it.

A view of a motocross rider using ProTaper handlebars

Source: CycleWorld

The ACF handlebar is available for $139.99, with four different bends available to the rider; CR High, Carmichael, Henry/Reed and SX Race corners.

Let us know if you plan to try this handlebar – while we reviewed handlebar risers, handlebar accessories like bags and conversion kitswe haven’t gotten our hands on one yet…maybe we can convince our man Jimbo to try one someday…

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