Pregnancy centers viable alternative to abortion

Horrible abortion, destroys life

As a retired RN, I was appalled to read Lillian Tamayo’s article extolling her organization’s Planned Parenthood clinics’ access to sexual and reproductive health care. The closing of the Wellington clinic and the opening of the Mango Health Center clinic in West Palm Beach are an obvious target for an underserved, low-income group of women of color.

There are many pregnancy support centers available in Florida to discuss alternatives to abortion. I volunteer at one. The state’s requirement to wait 24 hours between the client’s in-person appointment and her abortion is not unreasonable. The decision to end a human life is serious. Most surgical consultations have a waiting period. My voice is for the unborn child who has no voice but should have the right to life. I saw no reference in this article to these rights. Florida is a great state to live in and access healthcare. Abortion is not a cure but destroys life.

Phyllis Trainor, Boynton Beach

‘Davis Park’ a bad idea

As tragic as the crash that killed Stanley Davis III on his dirt bike was, he was still breaking the law. He was driving an unregistered motorcycle without a license on the public highway. If he hadn’t crushed him, he would have been arrested. How could a park bear his name? Is there no common sense in the world?

John Cerreta, Palm Beach Gardens

Net metering everything in the market

Those who object to the way they want net metering to work should dust off their copies of Economics 101 for a quick review. Any business selling any product (including energy) would quickly fail if it had to pay for the product it sells at the same rate as its selling price. It makes no sense for a utility to pay the retail rate for the net metered electricity it buys from the owner. The homeowner is already enjoying energy savings, even without net metering.

John B. Harvie, Lake Worth

The United States should leave the UN

With the United Nations unable to respond to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine due to veto rights established in its charter, many of its members are frustrated with the organizations inability to maintain world order. If he cannot control his own limbs, he is useless. How about an extreme solution? Every UN country that thinks Russia should be punished for its aggression should resign its membership.

Leave the diminished United Nations to dictators and tyrants while investing in a new organization that can continue the effort to maintain world order, if that is possible. The United States should be the first country to resign from this flawed global body and turn off the tap of funding that helps it survive.

Harold Gittler, Lake Worth

Quintessence of egomania

There is a lesson to be learned from looking at what has become of Russia. It shows us what can happen when an egotistical, psychopathic, egocentric person is placed in power. He can work ruthlessly to become a dictator for life. This is a lesson we should all consider when voting in our presidential elections. Look at the person, not what their supposed ideologies are.

Jeffrey B. Brown, Palm Beach Gardens