Pre-sales of this electric motocross bike reached nearly $9 million in 24 hours. here’s why

At $11,900, the Stark VARG isn’t exactly the cheapest motocross bike around, but it might be the coolest around, especially when it comes to electrics.

With an impressive 80hp and 938Nm of torque, the VARG has 30% more horsepower and more than double the torque of any 450cc four-stroke on the market. The bike can be tailored to any skill level using a smartphone dashboard and bike setup app, allowing the VARG to mimic bikes from a 125cc two-stroke to a 650cc four-stroke. The power can be adjusted from 1 to 80 hp in seconds.

The app also lets you create up to 100 riding modes, where you can adjust the power curve, engine braking, traction control, and more to suit your riding style. Five modes are actively installed on the bike.

With an ultra-small and lightweight chassis utilizing carbon fiber, magnesium and aero-grade aluminum, the VARG weighs in at 242 pounds (110 kg), making it one of the most rugged off-road motorcycles. lighters available. It also has a near-silent motor, which Stark Future boasts is more outdoor and eco-friendly.

With an easier ride setup and less maintenance required than a traditional gas-powered motorcycle, the battery is one of the critical aspects of the VARG, with a capacity of 6 kWh and weighing less than 72 pounds (32 kg). Stark claims the range will be similar to a 450cc motocross bike with a full tank and will comfortably accommodate a full “moto” at Grand-Prix intensity. On more leisurely days of riding, the VARG will be capable of riding for up to six hours. The bike will fully charge in 1-2 hours, depending on charger and power outlet. With no emissions or filters, they say the bike requires no more maintenance than a bicycle.

With rising gas prices and fewer spare parts needed for maintenance, the VARG might have a high initial price, but it looks like it will even out in the long run.

If you compare the VARG to one of the most popular electric dirt bikes already on the market, the Cake Kalk OR boasts 15 hp, 280 Nm of torque, weighs 152 pounds (69 kg) and has a range of up to three hours. The Kalk OU costs $13,000.

Presale orders for the Stark VARG are expected to begin shipping in June 2022.