People say unrest at Fed Hill isn’t alarming

BALTIMORE – Federal Hill has seen disruption in the area with fighting, dirt bike activity and parking violations. The police presence has increased and this weekend has been quiet, but many people don’t think it will stay that way.

“Usually after 2 a.m. there’s a row after the bars close on Friday and Saturday nights,” said Federal Hill resident Will Fountain.

This is what shocks some people. What really made members of the community say enough was when a video circulated on social media showing a huge fight at the corner of East Cross and Charles streets.

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People say that street fights, dirt bike racing, illegal alcohol sales and drunkenness disorders make Fed Hill unpleasant. Local residents and business leaders sent a letter earlier this month about the behavior they saw. Others say it’s not that bad.

“Everybody’s just trying to have fun, we’re not trying to shut this area down or make it bad or anything,” said Federal Hill resident Dominick Stefanowitz.

Councilman Eric Costello is trying to fight crime by calling for more police presence, which has been seen for the past two days, but some residents aren’t too impressed.

Earlier this month, the Baltimore liquor license commission inspector discovered several problems in the Charles Street neighborhood. You can read this report here.

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“Even with the police presence, they conjugate in an area. It doesn’t really help. You have to be more spread out to watch everyone, whether police presence or not. You have drunk adults who will do whatever they want do, says Fontaine.

However, some business owners say they have seen a big difference.

“We’ve really noticed the presence, and that’s really been helpful. We’ve seen a lot more people come out to have fun. People feel safer, and this neighborhood is thriving again,” said Will Fagg, owner of Tiny Brick. Oven.

For those causing trouble, the members of the community have a message for you.

“Let’s keep this cool. There’s no reason to act like this. Let’s all handle this like adults,” said Federal Hill resident Christina Moon.