Pennsylvania State Representative Amen Brown aims to end illegal dirt bikes and ATVs in Philadelphia

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) – Pennsylvania State Representative Amen Brown wants to put an end to the illegal riding of dirt bikes and ATVs on the streets of Philadelphia.

“They’re called dirt bikes for a reason, you ride them in the dirt,” said Brown, who represents the 190th District.

A sea of ​​ATVs and dirt bikes swarmed the streets of Philadelphia Friday night. Helicopter 6 was overhead as they weaved through traffic. Some approached the drivers, immobilizing the cars as they let the crowd of drivers recklessly pass.

Brown says he fears these incidents will turn more violent – like last summer when a biker terrorized a driver on Broad Street.

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“We need to put laws in place that will bring change the next day,” Brown said.

Rep wants to do a few things: sit down and talk to riders, pass legislation to deter driving and the ability to destroy vehicles when caught.

According to the Philadelphia police, if they can safely confiscate these vehicles, they will. Hundreds of these confiscated vehicles are said to be destroyed each year.

As of Tuesday night, many Philadelphians agree with State Rep. Brown.

“I get it, it sounds like fun but mountain bikes are for off-road,” said Anthony Carter of Logan.

“One of them almost knocked me down the other day on the sidewalk,” said Charlotte Tammer-Morash of Center City.

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Justin Rosenberg, CEO of Honeygrow Restaurants, says it’s bad for business at all levels.

“I think more residents are going to be upset, people are going to move out. People who visit aren’t going to want to come back,” Rosenberg said.

Philadelphia police have said public safety is their number one priority, which is why they cannot chase these passengers across town.

Brown thinks the Pennsylvania State Police could help the Philadelphia police solve the problem.

Recently, the Philadelphia City Council unanimously approved legislation to amend the city’s traffic laws to include dirt bikes, ATVs, and dune buggies as illegal street vehicles.

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