No drone flies over the party

If you were planning on capturing some amazing aerial footage of New Bedford’s Feast of the Blessed Sacrament this weekend, you better leave your drone at home.

The New Bedford Police Department has issued a reminder to his official Facebook page today with the title “***ATTENTION***”

“Drones flying over any of the Madeira Party grounds are strictly prohibited this weekend. Your early cooperation is greatly appreciated,” the message read.

Chief Paul Oliveira said the police department is focused on safety.

“We know that in today’s society, no event or place is safe from violence,” he said in a statement to WBSM. “The NBPD uses its planning and training to ensure a safe and secure environment at the party for all attendees.”

When asked if the police department flies its own drones over the party to ensure this safe and secure environment, Oliveira declined to comment on details of the security measures.

During his weekly appearance on WBSM, Mayor Jon Mitchell discussed the security measures being put in place at the party grounds this weekend, saying there will be “a heavy police presence”.

The drones at the party were the subject of controversy earlier this year when Councilman Brian Gomes refiled a petition he originally filed in 2016 to use police drones to patrol the city in order to Fight against illegal ATV and dirt bike riders on city streets. He also suggested drones could be used to monitor large events such as the party.

Gomes’ motion was defeated by the New Bedford City Council, which voted against sending the motion to committee.

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