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Personal News Cycle | February 7, 2021

Mitas offers a trio of Terra Force tires for motocross competition that are optimized for specific trail terrains.

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Mitas Terra Force-MX Sand

The Terra Force-MX Sand has widely spaced paddle-shaped knobs to shed sand and provide traction when accelerating, cornering and braking. Sand tires are made with a hard tread compound and are marked with double red stripes.

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Mitas Terra Force-MX SM

Mitas Terra Force-MX SM

The SM option of Terra Force-MX tires is optimized for motocross tracks with soft to medium terrain. They’re built with a medium-hard tread compound and have knobs designed to bite deep into loose terrain for improved acceleration, cornering and braking without losing traction. Spacing between knobs helps shed dirt and mud. The red and yellow stripes designate the Terra Force-MX SM.

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Mitas Terra Force-MX MH

Mitas Terra Force-MX MH

MH tires are marked with red and green stripes and have a softer tread compound for medium to hard terrain tracks. The shape and arrangement of the studs provide maximum traction and control during acceleration, cornering and braking on hard terrain. Front tire lugs provide straight-line stability, while rear tire lugs provide better ground contact.

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These three Mitas motocross competition tires come in a wide range of sizes, including those for smaller displacement youth race bikes.

VIDEO | Mitas Terra Force-MX for junior riders

Mitas Motocross Competition Rear Tire

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