Man tries to cover up dirt bike getaway: Mayfield Heights Police Blotter


Evidence Tampering: Ridgebury Boulevard

A mountain bike fled officers on March 6 after it was seen driving in and out of traffic near Lander Road.

Shortly after, a Golden Gate Boulevard resident reported seeing a dirt bike drive into a neighbor’s garage. Responding officers spoke to a man at home, but he denied involvement and did not allow them to look in the garage. The officers left and announced they would be back with a search warrant.

About 30 minutes later someone reported a dirt bike being loaded into a commercial van in the driveway. Responding officers found the man, 30, driving the van and the mountain bike in the back. He still hasn’t admitted driving it, but has been charged with flight and escape, driving under suspension, tampering with evidence, reckless operation and driving a toy vehicle on the streets of the city. town.

Vandalism: Landerhaven Drive

A company representative reported on March 4 that a car key and cash were stolen from the company and water was poured over computers.

Suspicion: Mayfield Road

A resident of Gates Mills Place said on March 4 that a man in the apartment below her had punched a hole in her ceiling and was searching her apartment.

The complaint was unfounded.

Fraud: East Miner Road

A woman reported fraud on March 6 in reference to an Ebay transaction.

Fraud: Mayfield Road

A Nick Mayer Ford manager reported on March 7 that a customer check for $64,000 was returned as fraudulent. The client later entered the business and was subsequently arrested. He was later turned over to deputies in the Geauga County Sheriff’s Office on an active warrant.

The vehicle was returned to the company by the man’s wife

Flight: SOM Center Road

A resident of Coppertree Apartments reported on March 7 that her purse and a box had been taken from her unit earlier that day. She said she left her door open while moving items from the apartment.

Suspicion: SOM Center Road

A woman said on March 8 that a man blocked her car at Coppertree flats and then followed her to work.

Flight: Golden Gate Boulevard

A woman reported on March 8 that her purse was stolen from the Costco parking lot.

Harassment: Landerhaven Drive

An employee at a seniors’ residence reported on March 9 that she was being harassed by a co-worker.

Fraud: Court of Drury

A 73-year-old woman reported on March 4 that she had been scammed after buying $300 worth of Google Play gift cards and providing the redemption codes over the phone to an unknown person. She thought she was speaking with someone at PayPal regarding a fraudulent transaction on her account. She had also bought a $500 Target gift card, but couldn’t scratch the area where the redemption code was hidden. She said it upset the man.

Fake: Golden Gate Plaza

A 50-year-old Richmond Heights man was arrested for forgery at the licensing office on March 5 after he attempted to obtain a commercial driver’s license with a fake ID.

Disorderly Driving: Landerhaven Drive

A Cleveland man, 39, was cited for disorderly conduct on March 5 after he was seen shouting obscenities at guests outside the executive caterers in Landerhaven.

Officers initially convinced the drunk man to return to the nearby hotel, where he had been staying, but he then returned to the center of the event and entered the business, causing alarm among the guests .

Stolen Vehicle: Mayfield Road

A Nick Mayer Ford official reported on March 7 that a vehicle and its keys were missing from the lot. The potential theft was discovered when the vehicle was to be shown to a customer.

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