Look For These 5 Safety Features In Motocross Boots

Do you know that some countries have rules and regulations on motorcycle shoes? These rules require the wearing of motorcycle protective gear before riding. Motorcycle boots serve as protective gear for your feet, protecting them from the vagaries of the road. Different motorcycle boots are available in the market, depending on the bike you ride. Motocross Boots are specially designed to be worn during motocross or dirt biking.

Motocross is an exciting adventure sport. You take your bike to the rough terrain and ride it off-road with your fellow riders. When you ride on rough roads, you expose your feet to accidents, injuries, falls and broken bones. Good quality motocross boots provide maximum protection against such injuries, thus keeping you safe.

You will come across different motocross boots while shopping, and choosing the best one from the lot can get confusing. Thus, we invite you to always focus on the safety features that a pair of boots offers to buy the best one. Here are some safety features to check when buying motocross boots.

Abrasion resistance

Many motorcycle boots have incredible abrasion resistance. Some higher end models also include the slip capability you might need. This is because shoes are meant to be stiff so manufacturers can get away with stiffer and thicker materials.

If you choose leather motocross boots, make sure they are full or full grain. Avoid buying split leather as it does not protect your feet from an accident. Leather is more resistant to abrasion, while textiles are more breathable. Many brands offer a combination of the two materials. They can be a bit pricey, but it’s a good idea to buy them.

Look For These 5 Safety Features In Motocross Boots


Good motorcycle boots should include armor on the heel, toe and ankle bone. If you buy full length boots, they will also have a shin guard.

Some people say that steel toe boots are dangerous because there is a chance that the armor plate will cut your toe. However, this is an ordinary myth. The role of the armor is to provide additional protection to the shoe.

Range of motion and stiffness

Look For These 5 Safety Features In Motocross Boots

In an accident, it is common for your feet to get stuck between a hard place and a motorcycle. In this event, you can fall prey to different things:

  1. Your ankle may be overextended and things may tear in place.
  2. You can twist your ankle, which also creates twisting pressure.
  3. Your lower leg can crush.

The good news is that wearing good quality motocross boots avoids all of these problems. Always look for a product that comes with a plastic veneer and offers a limited range of motion.

Anti-tangle and adhesion

We recommend looking for non-slip soles. Some motocross boots are designed to provide good grip on oily surfaces.

Snag on a shoelace can also be a big problem, especially when putting your feet down. Look for boots with hidden or stripped laces to avoid this embarrassing situation.

Heat resistance

Finally, heat resistance is another sought-after feature that you should consider when buying boots. Your lower legs may be near the exhaust, engine block, or other hot objects depending on the bike.

Choosing a pair of heat-resistant boots will protect your legs from burns. Many brands and manufacturers use multiple materials in the construction of the boot to make it insensitive to heat, such as Kevlar and Aramid fibers. Some boots also have leather and rubber protection.

Look For These 5 Safety Features In Motocross Boots


Good quality wear motocross boots is all you need to protect your feet and legs from injury. Look for a pair that includes the safety features listed above. We promise you won’t regret spending money on them. Buy now.