Las Vegas Motorcycle Dealer Announces New Line of Ural Motorcycles

My best advice is to always ride within your means,” said Moshiko Ozana. “If you’re a better rider during the day, ride during the day until you’re more comfortable at night.

Thrill seekers have found the next best activity to pump their adrenaline levels to dizzying heights. What could you ask? Motorcycling ! Riding a motorcycle offers tons of benefits that many may not know about. To fully understand all the factors involved in riding a motorcycle, we spoke to Moshe “Moshiko” Ozana, owner of BBV Powersports, a new and used store. Motorcycle dealership in Las Vegas.

What’s it like running one of Las Vegas’ biggest motorcycle dealerships?

Sin City is known for its glitz and the glamor of the Las Vegas Strip, but just minutes away is one of Las Vegas’ best motorcycle dealerships. “My business partner, Eric Jacobsen, and I chose to locate BBV Powersports near the Las Vegas Strip,” said Moshe “Moshiko” Ozana. “Our location provides convenience and plenty of room for our inventory of motorcycles. The great thing about our location is that there are plenty of open roads nearby to test motorcycles at both low and high speeds. .

The location of BBV Powersports was key for the latest addition of Ural Motorcycles. “We are happy to announce that we are adding Ural motorcycles to our inventory. These beautiful motorcycles have yet to see the roads of Las Vegas,” said Shiko Ozana. “Ural motorcycles excel in cross-country travel , so people in Vegas will appreciate these new bikes.”

Ural motorcycles have a new 2-in-1 exhaust system with a high mount muffler, higher compression pistons, a new rear brake system and more features that motorcycle enthusiasts will appreciate.

Las Vegas is a very ephemeral city since it is the entertainment capital of the world. So, that begs the question, what’s it like to run one of Las Vegas’ busiest motorcycle dealerships? “It’s very hard and honest work,” said Moshiko Ozana. “I get up every morning and realize my childhood dream of repairing, selling and repairing motorcycles. The fact that I can help others buy a great motorcycle is even better!

“We always buy, sell and repair motorcycles at an honest price. We choose to help our customers with everything they need for their motorcycle,” said Moshiko Ozana. “When someone comes into BBV Powersports we want to make sure they get the best possible service. When they are at our dealership they are treated like family because they are family! »

Growth is always necessary for a business to thrive. So what are the steps needed to successfully run a motorcycle shop? “It’s simple, a success motorcycle shop needs a strong team to manage it. One person cannot run the whole store alone,” said Moshe Ozana. “Having a team you can rely on makes the whole operation successful. Other than that, any team should leave a good impression on their clients. This way they can help others in case they need the same service. »

What are the benefits of riding a motorcycle in Las Vegas?

Each vehicle has its own advantages and disadvantages related to its year, make and model. What are some of the benefits of motorcycling in las vegas? “On the one hand, gasoline is so much cheaper than cars,” Ozana said. “Usually, gasoline is about a quarter of the average cost of a tank of car gasoline. The reason behind this is that a motorcycle is much lighter than a car, so it will consume less gasoline.

Gas is always subject to price variations since it takes into account the current price of oil and the state of the economy. However, one thing that may not change is the average weekly gas cost for motorcycles. “You’d be surprised how long a full tank of gas can last on a motorcycle,” Moshiko Ozana said. “Some riders have their gas tank up to two weeks.”

“Another advantage of riding a motorcycle in Las Vegas is that we have a lot of open roads. There’s nothing like riding on an open road without traffic slowing you down,” Shiko Ozana said. The last thing I can really think of is that anyone has the power to choose their style of motorcycle. Motorcycle companies manufacture different types of motorcycles to suit everyone’s needs. Dirt, sport and cruiser motorcycles are just some of the many options you can choose from.

How often does a used motorcycle dealer help with motorcycle repairs in Las Vegas?

Any engine is only as good as its owner. This means that there must be the perfect amount of maintenance, service and repair on any engine. “Motorcycle engines are wonderful pieces of engineering, but they still need Motorcycle repair in Las Vegas to extend its life,” Shiko Ozana said. “Everyone should change their motorcycle’s engine oil every 3-6 months, depending on weather and riding frequency. Fresh oil keeps the engine running smoothly with fresh fluids.

Maintenance is always a must for any motorcycle in Las Vegas. So how often does a used motorcycle dealer help fix a motorcycle in Las Vegas?

“Some dealerships may have an in-house mechanic who can help you with your bike, while others may not,” Moshiko Ozana said. “Fortunately, BBV Powersports has the largest in-house team in mechanic motorsports in las vegas, which can solve most mechanical problems. If we can help a customer, we will always help them.

Some may choose to work on their motorcycles themselves while others choose to hire a motorcycle mechanic in Las Vegas. “Our Las Vegas Motorsports Service Center has the best licensed technicians to help everyone,” said Moshiko Ozana. “We provide everyone with a safety check on their bike while explaining how a part works or why it needs to be replaced.”

What should one look for when seeing Dirt Bikes for Sale in Las Vegas?

An informed decision is the best decision when it comes to buying a new or used motorcycle. However, what should one look for when seeing dirt bikes for sale in Las Vegas? “You should always take a look at the mileage of a dirt bike engine,” Shiko Ozana said. “The more mileage an engine has, the more likely it is that repairs or maintenance will be needed. Additional repairs can add up and not be the best option for someone who doesn’t have that budget.

“The second thing someone should be looking for is transmission status,” Ozana said. “Feel how each gear changes during the test drive and pay attention to noises. Any knocks or noises can be heard when riding a dirt bike. Other than that, pay attention to oil levels, braking force and tire tread on a mountain bike.

“That’s why it’s always important to check all of these things when looking to buy a dirt bike,” Moshiko Ozana said.

Dirt bikes are a specialized type of motorcycle used for off-roading. These bikes offer control and power on dirt or off-road terrain. Many combine dirt bikes with ATVs and all-terrain vehicles for an incredible day outdoors.

Should someone swap or Sell ​​your motorcycle in Las Vegas?

One of the toughest decisions for Las Vegas motorcycle owners is whether to trade in or sell their motorcycle. There are pros and cons to both decisions, so it’s best to educate yourself before finalizing it. “The option that gives you the most value for your motorcycle is always the best option,” Shiko Ozana said. “You can get a free estimate from motorcycle dealerships in Las Vegas.

Trading or selling is necessary for the process of buying a motorcycle. The trade-in can be used as a down payment for a new motorcycle, which can mean that someone doesn’t have to pay a down payment out of pocket. Selling a motorcycle can give you the same value, but with cash instead. However, selling a motorcycle depends on how many people are interested in buying it and if they agree on your selling price.

“You can’t go wrong with either choice honestly,” said Moshiko Ozana. “Always consider both options to see where you can get the most bang for your buck.”

Is riding a motorcycle in Las Vegas, NV safe?

After reviewing the benefits of owning a motorcycle, it’s time to consider whether riding a motorcycle in Las Vegas, NV is safe? “Whenever you’re on the road, you always put yourself at risk of an accident,” Shiko Ozana said. “It doesn’t matter whether you drive a car or a motorcycle, the potential danger is always there. However, you can still be safe to avoid accidents.

“That’s why I always recommend motorcycle riding lessons and start slow at first,” said Moshe Ozana. “After that, practice driving in areas where there isn’t much traffic. The hardest part of riding a motorbike is staying focused on what lies ahead, as you have to do your best to predict what other motorists might be doing. Unlike driving a car, you can’t afford to “zone out”, even for a little while.”

Nevada is a motorcycle-friendly state that allows motorcyclists to share the same lane in traffic. Las Vegas has many scenic roads that many bikers love to ride. “My best advice is to always ride within your means,” said Moshiko Ozana. “If you’re a better rider during the day, ride during the day until you’re more comfortable at night.”

Ride safely, and above all, enjoy the ride!