Dirt Biker Collides With Black Bear In Idaho Backcountry

Wild footage from Idaho where a mountain biker Logan Slone crossed paths with an adolescent black bear while on a mission to find a jacket he had forgotten the day before. Since the bear was a juvenile, Logan was on high alert that mommy bear might be there and wanted to give her the case for hitting her child, but thankfully it wasn’t. Luckily Logan and the bear were unharmed and he later found his lost jacket. TO WIN!

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“What started as a simple nighttime stroll in search of my jacket from the night before turned into quite a story after an adolescent black bear swooped down the trail, crashing right into my front tire. , washing my bike and throwing me over the handlebars. Due to the small size of the bear, I immediately feared to face an angry mama bear charging at me while my left leg was stuck under the bike. Situational awareness and preparation are key to traveling alone in the wild. I’m grateful that neither I nor the bear were harmed during this encounter, and glad I got my GoPro For once. If I ever have a video that goes viral, this has to be it.Logan Slone