Demand must remain high for motocross equipment

The increase in motocross and motocross activities has fueled motocross equipment sales over the years. As the awareness of the benefits of motocross protective gear such as guards, armored jackets, chest protection, helmets, etc., works in favor of manufacturers, the increasing demand for riding gear such as jerseys, jackets and pants further strengthen the expansion of the market.

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As noted in a report published by the Digital Common Organization, extremity injuries can account for nearly 65% ​​of injuries seen in motocross. Additionally, as noted in a report published by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), the overall incidence of motocross injuries is over 90 per thousand. These reports help to increase motorcyclists’ awareness and therefore the demand for protective equipment.

According to a certified market research and consulting company ESOMAR, the global motocross equipment market is expected to grow at over 6% CAGR during the forecast period from 2021 to 2031.

Main lessons of the study

Increase in demand for horse riding equipment to see
Increased need for protective gear such as armored tops, back protectors, etc., to drive growth for manufacturers
The United States will remain the focal point of the world’s largest motocross gear market – North America
Germany will maintain its lead in the world’s second largest motocross gear market – Europe
Asia-Pacific will become the fastest growing motocross equipment market in the world
China, UK, France, Canada and Japan will be in the spotlight for motocross gear industry players
Rapid increase in men’s demand to propel motocross equipment sales in all regions
“With increasing awareness among motorcyclists, the adoption of a wide variety of riding and protective gear is becoming widespread across the globe. Additionally, manufacturers are adding stylish products to their portfolios to appeal to female riders as well, which, in turn, significantly alters the market outlook,” says an analyst.

Increased adoption of safety measures by riders responding to increased demand for motocross gear

Motocross gear plays a very important role for riders in providing a comfortable and safe riding experience. With the increase in inclination towards riding activity, the need for various motocross gear such as boots, helmets, jackets, and shorts, to name a few, is increasing rapidly.

As noted in a report titled “Freestyle Motocross Safety Tips,” published by the SafetyRisk Organization, one of the most important safety precautions in freestyle motocross is to wear protective gear while riding. According to the report, the use of this equipment can help save a motocross rider’s life in a massive accident. Additionally, the report mentions that helmets, protective gloves, padded clothing, knee-length boots, and elbow pads are extremely important when practicing freestyle motocross. These reports have a significant contribution in increasing the demand for motocross gear across all geographies.

Who wins in this space?

The global motocross equipment market is becoming increasingly fierce in terms of competition. In order to survive in a highly competitive environment, major market players are emphasizing on launching an even broader product category.

For example, Fox Racing launched its expanded new line of products such as Fox MX21 Dirt Bike Racewear, V3, V2, and V1 motocross helmets with MIPS rotation management systems, and others, in 2021.

Answer Racing launched its new line of products such as Answer MX Riding Gears & Accessories, and others, a few years ago.

This information is based on a report on Motocross Equipment Market by Fact.MR.