Burke Metal Work launches ornaments for lovers in Moab, Utah

Burke Metal Work has launched a line of ornaments designed to meet the needs of those who love the endless adventure that Moab National Park has to offer.

I got this for my husband who is an avid biker and it is such great quality! I can’t wait to give it to her for our annual family ornament exchange.

— Kirstin, as found on Etsy

SAN DIEGO, CA, USA, November 10, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Located in the heart of Utah, Moab is a wonderful destination for anyone who enjoys being outdoors. The Moab Desert sits on the outskirts of a charming little town and is famous for its variety of outdoor activities from mountain biking and all-terrain vehicles, to camping, rafting and even hiking. search for dinosaur bones. About 3 million people flock to the Moab Desert and build memories throughout the year. Adventurers come from all over the country to bask in the beauty that Moab, Utah has to offer.

The owners of the metal shop are frequent visitors to Moab National Park and wanted to allow visitors to remember their time in the park. These are really Christmas decorations designed with specific interests in mind so anyone heading to the park will find a piece that relates to their favorite outdoor hobby. Metal ornaments can be personalized by engraving so families can remember the month, year or date they visited the park or had a great experience during their off-road vacation.

Unique ornaments feature activities such as Moab Hiking, Moab ATVing, Moab Jeeping, and other Moab Motorsports. These pieces make the perfect gift not just for the holidays but for any occasion. Because they are so specific to individual activities, it makes perfect sense to display these ornaments in your home any time of the year. However, we’d be put off if we didn’t mention how these pieces sparkle on a Christmas tree.

Burke metal work is a small business comprised of a husband and wife team who are passionate about producing unique ornaments, key chains and home decor with American steel. Together, the owners of Burke Metal Work bring product ideas to life for indoor and outdoor use. Each piece is an original design and made with the customer in mind. Although they offer custom pieces, there is something to be said for their variety of Christmas decorations that are designed, produced and ready to give away. Each holiday season, Burke Metal Work releases a new line of ornaments based on customer suggestions and ideas.

Business owners who wish to increase their vacation offerings are encouraged to reach out to discuss their wholesale pricing options by emailing info@burkemetalwork.com

To purchase a metal part from Burke Metal Work, order a part from their metal working line at https://www.burkemetalwork.com. There are no ideas too grand for the team at Burke Metal Work. If you can imagine it, their team can bring it to life. Burke Metal Work is proud to have produced beautiful pieces for Christmas, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, birthdays and other special events.

Additionally, consumers can select and purchase from over 150 Christmas ornaments that they have listed on their Etsy account.

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