American Honda introduces 2023 CRF Trail line of dirt bikes

MANILA: The best-known brand of trail bikes in the industry, the American Honda CRF Trail family, will be making a comeback.


  • What models are part of the American Honda CRF family?

    The Honda CRF family will include the CRF50F, CRF110F, CRF125F and CRF250F.

  • When will the American Honda market the CRF models?

    In a statement, Honda said the models are expected to go on sale between August and October.

  • The four-model lineup, which includes the large CRF250F and small CRF50F, is known for its track performance, reliability and ease of maintenance.

    Riders of all shapes and sizes can ride a CRF Trail motorcycle. The smallest bike in the line, the easy-to-ride CRF50F has a low seat height, automated clutch and reliable 49cc four-stroke engine. It was designed for the next generation of cyclists.

    The Honda CRF110F is the most popular off-road motorcycle on the market, in part due to its accessible handling, clean fuel injection system and push-button electronic start. The CRF50F and CRF110F are offered in different colors in addition to the well-known Honda red in an effort to appeal to a wider range of young riders.

    The Honda CRF125F, the mid-size model in the series, is lauded for its reliable performance and comes in two sizes. Its smooth, linear power makes it the perfect choice for novices and young riders.

    Also available in 2023 is the competent and adaptable Honda CRF250F. This bike inspires confidence on the trail and is a great choice for riders of all skill levels.

    The CRF50F, designed for the next generation of enthusiasts, introduced many young riders to the world of motorcycling. Pulling power is provided by a reliable 49cc air-cooled four-stroke engine, and a smooth, controlled ride is provided by the shock and inverted fork.

    New riders can focus on the fundamentals thanks to the Honda CRF50F’s low seat height and automated clutch. Due to its unmatched reliability, ease of maintenance, and year-round off-road legality in all 50 states, the CRF50F is the most popular 50cc trail bike in the powersports industry.

    The Honda CRF110F is the most popular off-road motorcycle on the market due to its accessible design, advanced technology and exceptional reliability. Young riders can focus on the trail ahead of them thanks to its automated clutch, low seat height and push-button electric start. The CRF110F features a clean Keihin fuel injection system, is off-road legal year-round in 50 states, and delivers smooth, controllable power.

    Honda CRF110F

    The CRF110F continues the legacy of reliability and low maintenance, building on Honda’s reputation for reliable four-stroke trail bikes. That means more time to enjoy the trails with family and friends.

    The flexible Honda CRF125F is well equipped for all types of off-road riding, from forest trails to desert trails. The CRF125F is off-road legal in 50 states and offers year-round access to trails nationwide. It is available in regular and Big Wheel versions to accommodate a variety of rider sizes. With Keihin electronic fuel injection, which provides smooth, user-friendly power for reliable traction in a variety of track conditions, it’s simple to maintain.

    Honda CRF125F

    Both CRF125F models are influenced by the CRF Performance line and feature eye-catching graphics and brash styling. This model, which sits in the middle of the CRF Trail series, is excellent for riding with friends and family.

    As the largest model in Honda’s CRF Trail line, the CRF250F combines versatility and capability in a fun, trail-ready package. It is the ideal choice for experienced cyclists who choose more complex and difficult terrain and newcomers to the trails.

    Honda CRF250RX

    The CRF250F’s own Keihin electronically regulated fuel injection ensures maximum grip on a variety of terrains by delivering consistent power across a wide power band. The reassuring Showa suspension provides a comfortable and compliant ride while fixing tough sections of road. The Honda CRF250F sports a stylish look thanks to the design and graphic inspiration of the market-leading CRF Performance range.

    This model, like the entire Honda CRF Terrain line, is off-road legal year-round in all 50 states, opening up thousands of miles of uncharted trails.

    American Honda Pictures

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