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Single Speed ​​Coffee Roasters’ newly renovated cafe, where specialty coffee is roasted and then served by expert baristas, is now open on Butler Avenue in Flagstaff.

The interior features a combination of industrial and minimalist aesthetics. Silver insulation above reflects light in a way that mimics a skylight, while modern decor and vintage bicycles hang on the walls. Wooden steps lead to a loft sitting area where there is a hand painted mural and a balcony ledge filled with plants.

“The approach we took was to try to make this place as clean as possible,” owner Brad Richmann said.

Richmann helped renovate and build the space himself as he has a background in contracting.

Owning a cafe has always been an idea that Richman has entertained, but it didn’t come true until the financial crisis of 2008.

“I thought, ‘Well, if people aren’t buying houses or renovations, maybe they’ll buy coffee,'” he said. coffee, but we just needed an excuse to dive into it.”

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Single Speed ​​started in Williams and has been roasting coffee since 2003, officially coming under Richmann’s ownership in 2009 when his brother-in-law handed it over after a tough time. Richmann worked in construction on the side until the opportunity to move to Flagstaff arose and he began operating the cafe business full time.

Richmann closed the last Single Speed ​​storefront shortly before the COVID-19 pandemic because the plan was to focus more on roasting and mobile coffee trucks, but no event was happening.

Single Speed’s new space is for roasting as well as customers who can sit down and stay for a while. The reason the store is back to brick and mortar is because people kept asking for it, Richmann said.

An upscale, specialty coffee shop, Richmann’s vision was nurtured by his son Samuel and Zach Shouse, one of the baristas.

“I was like, we can be those people who wear flip flops, ride mountain bikes, and love dirt who just want to get out in the woods and hike and rock climb, and also want a nice cup of coffee and a place to hang outside,” Richmann said.

Shouse has been certified in specialty coffee for 10 years. He said they had it all for a science at Single Speed, putting “care, quality and craftsmanship” into every detail like the syrups, the machine and the way the shots are composed with a lightweight refractometer that ensures the appropriate amount of coffee is extracted for the brew.

Shouse’s favorite drink is Single Speed’s Mexican Mocha, which features Ujjo hot sauce from Austin, Texas. It was developed after daring to put hot sauce in coffee.

“It creates an amazing concentrate that we can work with because we can really control the heat levels of what we want to put inside that mocha,” Shouse said. “So there’s a nice little bite while you’re drinking, but it dissipates immediately after drinking.”

Single Speed’s baristas are certified by the Specialty Coffee Association and know things like latte art, bean origins, and different brewing methods.

“[Our baristas] knowing how to guide you to the best type of extraction or brewing,” Richmann said. “It takes a long time to get in here, so everyone kind of has a sense of belonging because of that.”

They are all proud of their production, he added.

According toSingle Speed ​​website“We all source our beans through Fair Trade, providing an ethical path from farm to door.”

Roaster Matt Goetz said the premium specialty products they import are determined by a taste score that ranks beans in categories such as fragrance, flavor, body, acidity and balance. .

In the roasting process, temperature and time are manipulated to extract different profilesor the flavor characteristics of the beans, Goetz said.

In addition to its coffee and wholesale accounts (which include Lund Canyon Coffee and Cedar House Coffee Shop), Single Speed ​​also has mobile coffee trucks at events such as ATV races, the Overland Expo and Pickin’ in the Pines.

They have also just started licensing their brand for mobile cafes, supporting other entrepreneurs by helping to design and build trailers, supply equipment and train baristas.

Single Speed ​​Coffee Roasters is located at 1000 E. Butler Ave. in Flagstaff. It is open Monday to Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and Saturday to Sunday from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. For more information, call Single Speed ​​at (928) 266-0520 or visit their website: www.singlespeedcoffeeroasters.com