A closer look at the 2023 GASGAS motocross bikes

If one is a true fan of the motocross world, it is hard to miss that GAS GAS has released their new line of motorcycles for 2023. GAS GAS is one of the biggest names in motocross as the motorcycles are considered among the very best in the industry. The bikes are nimble, light and incredibly capable of taking a beating all day.

GAS GAS released the new lineup for 2023, and as many had expected, those changes were just limited to bold new graphics. Enthusiasts were disappointed as there were no mechanical changes, but the bike looked brand new with the major difference made in the graphics of the bike, and it took everyone by surprise. Adding a black gradient to the side panel makes the red color of the vehicle stand out more than ever.

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MC 125

2023 GASGAS M 125 motocross bikes in motion
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The smallest vehicle in the lineup happens to be a 125cc motorcycle, which has a two-stroke setup and a 6-speed gearbox. The vehicle emits a screaming sound towards its red line, and it also receives some good materials like a advanced suspension and dynamic chassis which makes it lightweight and flickable. Along with the in-line motorcycle design, the motorcycle also features a compact fuel tank that can hold nearly two gallons of fuel. The handlebar has a four-way adjust feature with WP front suspension that provides precise handling and stability. The overall weight of the bike is just under 190 lbs, making it perfect for beginners and experienced riders alike. The bike is also fitted with 260mm front and 220mm rear disc brakes made by Brembo.

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MC 250

The 2023 GASGAS MC 250 motocross bikes
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The MC 250 is also a two-stroke setup motorcycle with a high-revving engine. The motorcycle has two air filters that allow maximum airflow for the engine, making it a highlight feature. The bike’s subframe is made entirely of aluminum, which centralizes mass while reducing weight. Additionally, the vehicle’s engine has a 66.4mm bore and is equipped with a twin-valve system that produces incredible power throughout the rev range. The vehicle also has a Brembo hydraulic clutch and an adjustable lever that gives consistent feedback at any working temperature. Additionally, the Motocross comes with a 5-speed gearbox.

MC 350F

The 2023 GASGAS MC 350 motocross bikes
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This motorcycle is among the best dogs of GAS GAS because it is a four-stroke engine and offers the ultimate modern motocross experience. The vehicle features forward grips and a throttle assembly, and it is easily adjusted to the driver’s wishes. The vulcanized handle features an innovative built-in throttle mechanism. The engine weight of this motorcycle is 60 pounds and the rev limiter kicks in at 13,400 rpm. The compact engine design, combined with a centralized oscillating mass, improves the overall handling of the bike.

MC 450F

The MC 450 F is known for its serious performance, and it favors the brave as this bike requires some skill to handle. It has state-of-the-art hardware and electronics available to the rider to extract every bit of performance. Some of the most notable things about this vehicle are that it gets the electric starter and a single overhead cam engine; moreover, it comes with an engine management system that serves to control all the parameters related to the fuel injection system; this ensures optimum power at every speed. It is one of the biggest motorcycles and it weighs around 220 pounds. As an accessory, the bike comes with an Akrapovic racing line exhaust which gives an amazing exhaust note and improves performance.

MC-E 5

The GASGAS E 5 motocross bikes on the road 2023
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It may come as a surprise, but the MC-E 5 is an electric mountain bike and is aimed at a relatively younger audience. It’s the ideal bike for youngsters as it has an adjustable seat height as well as six different riding modes for safe and controlled progression. A 5kW motor powers this machine, and that’s by no means a compromise as it still comes with an aluminum frame and WP suspension. The vehicle the battery can last two hours or 25 minutes, depending on the driving style. The intelligent battery management system ensures battery safety and longevity. The vehicle supports 230-volt charging, and a full charge takes about 60 minutes, and it can recharge the battery to 80% in just 45 minutes. The bike is fitted with a 160mm brake front and rear, providing good stopping force for this little pocket rocket.

Overall, the company has catered to the needs of riders of different age groups and skill levels by having a very versatile portfolio. The motorcycles are all good in terms of technology and mechanics, which is worth it. The company also claimed that the motorcycles will be on sale in the coming months and will create a buzz in the market.

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