45 Famous Things About TikTok That BuzzFeed Shopping Editors Love

See them in action on TikTok here.

“Through a ~sample sale~, I got my hands on a gorgeous unlined silk dress last summer that I LOVED but could absolutely not Wear with a bra, not even a bustier. Cue an Amazon search for nipple pasties, because frankly, I’m embarrassed that my nipples decide to stick out when I’m only wearing a silk dress (and my boobs are the kind that don’t necessarily have need support all the time). There I found something even better than I expected: these self-adhesive silicone pasties called Nippies which are 100% invisible under clothing, so comfortable I barely notice I’m wearing them, and, at least so far, damn reusable.

I’ve worn them four or five times now, washing them with hand soap and water each time as directed, and they’re just what I needed! It’s simple: you stick them on clean, dry, lotion-free skin, and they stay put and comfortable for hours, even with moderate perspiration. They’ve worked perfectly every time I’ve worn them: for day-long shopping trips, outdoor parties, and dance parties. They come in a small, reusable storage box with two hard plastic domes to sit on, so they’ll stay perfectly intact and dust-free in your drawer and are easy to pack for travel. Oh, and over 14,000 reviewers – about five times the number of people in my high school graduating class – gave them 5 stars on Amazon, so I know I’m not the only one having success with them!” —Natalie Brown

Get it from Amazon for $25.82+ (available in two cup sizes and five shades).