30,000 fans attend motocross competition in Southwick

SOUTHWICK, Mass. (WWLP) — Tens of thousands of men and women came to Southwick on Saturday to renew their love for motocross racing.

It was a record attendance, with over 30,000 fans attending the event. Fans watch the racers on the famous track called Wick 338. The competition has been held since 1976, only missing a year in 2020 due to COVID-19.

Melvin Jones traveled with his wife from Cape Cod for the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship.

“It’s a great sport, motocross has been part of my life since I was a kid, since I was five. I came to this track when I was 13, when they opened one of the first, I had the pleasure of racing here myself,” Jones said.

The competition between riders is high, coming from all over the world, especially Australia, France, Germany. Traveling this far to Southwick always impresses Gary Redmond. His family took care of the Legion Post property for many years. He never tires of being immersed in fast-moving competition.

“It’s one of the best tracks in the country to see motocross racing. I’m not surprised at all. People are so excited when they go around the track. You can feel it. The machines are so louder than you can feel it in your chest,” Redmond said.

Not only has the motocross championship gained international acclaim, but with so many fans in attendance, the event has a positive economic impact on this Hampden County community and surrounding towns.

The national Southwick is back with a momentum and acceptance that has perhaps surpassed all of its previous presentations as a real crowd pleaser.