10 electric motorcycles expected from Honda by 2025 [Four US-Bound]

Honda has announced plans to add 10 electric motorcycles to its global lineup by 2025. Most of the models will be scooters aimed at the Asian and European markets as commuter vehicles. For the US, Europe and Japan, four models are set to debut in 2024 and are described as Fun EV models.10 Electric Motorcycles Expected From Honda By 2025: WorldwideExpect to see three street legal models in the United States. According to the silhouettes provided by Honda, they appear to be a semi-cruiser modeled after a CTX700, an upright sport bike, and a scooter/motorcycle crossover. The fourth is a Kids Fun EV model, not the currently available Honda CRF-E2 electric dirt bike for kids.10 electric motorcycles expected from Honda by 2025: models for the US, Europe and JapanHonda’s approach is two-pronged, focusing on batteries and software. “When it comes to the battery, a core component of electric vehicles,” says a Honda insider, “Honda aims to equip its electric motorcycle models with an all-solid-state battery that Honda is currently developing by actively using its own resources.” Honda describes its development process as “Monozukuri” – the art of making things.10 electric motorcycles expected from Honda by 2025: MonozukuriOutside the United States, Honda focuses on commuter EVs (electric motorcycles for business use) and commuter EMs and EBs (electric mopeds and e-bikes, which does not include pedal-assist e-bikes) . These vehicles will take advantage of the interchangeable battery form that the four Japanese manufacturers have agreed on, as well as the collaboration with a European battery consortium and a partner in India.10 electric motorcycles expected from Honda by 2025: batteries“Improved charging infrastructure and standardization of battery specifications are essential for the widespread adoption of electric motorcycles,” a Honda spokesperson said. “As part of improving charging infrastructure, Honda is working to popularize battery sharing.”ICE-powered motorcycles are not yet complete, although gasoline has a lower priority as a fuel in Honda motorcycles. There are already E100 flex-fuel motorcycles in Brazil, and they will soon arrive in India. Honda plans to introduce E20 flex-fuel models in India next year and E100-powered engines in 2025.Honda aims to sell one million electric motorcycles per year over the next five years, which will increase this figure to 3.5 million units per year by 2030. By then, electric motorcycles would represent 15% of two-wheeled Honda sales.